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Austin Healey Club Membership

How to Join...


To join online simply click I want to Join Online above and complete the online form, then either pay quickly & securely online, set up a Direct Debit or pay the traditional way - by cheque or Credit Card by post.

Alternatively, download a Membership Application Pack (which includes a Centres map and payment options) below, complete and sign, and send to the National Membership Secretary at the address given.

Members can belong to any Centre they wish, but there will usually be social advantages in belonging to your local Centre.

For anyone outside the UK we suggest the Midlands & Overseas Centre.
If your interest is more on the motorsports side, we have the HealeySport Centre, which is a non-geographical group.

Please note that the Club membership is not restricted just to Healey and Austin Healey owners.  Non-car owners are also most welcome, whether looking or just interested in the marque.

 Membership Application Pack (PDF)

New One-Click Renewal

New for 2024, we now have a much simpler One-Click Renewal process available from your Members' Area account. It also offers the choice to add or remove a joint member as well as update your details. To access this, simply select My Membership from the Members Area menu at the top of the page, or click the button below.

If necessary you will be asked to sign into your Members' Area account. If you don't already have a Members' Area account, you can register for one by clicking Register on the login page. The Members' Area also provides exclusive access to technical articles, discount codes, the members map and back issues of RevCounter.

How to Renew...

I want to Renew Online using the old renewal page

If you’re already a member and want to renew your membership online, you can do so by clicking the link above.

We would prefer that you renew your membership each year by Direct Debit. That’s why we waive the £5 joining fee for anyone who signs up for Direct Debit when they join.

However, if you don't like the commitment of Direct Debit or the effort needed to renew the old-fashioned manual way, then online payment represents an easy, convenient and safe alternative.

What do you get through membership?

  • Entry to Club race championships
  • Invitations to affiliated events
  • Entry to Club sprint and hillclimb championships
  • Hospitality at selected race meetings
  • Access to accumulated knowledge of owners
  • Access to impartial advice through other members
  • Discounts on parts at selected suppliers
  • Discounts on Classic Car insurance
  • Noggin & Natters
  • Other social events including Dinner & Dance, etc.
  • A chance to meet members of the Healey family!

Membership Costs (for membership year 2024-25)

UK Standard Membership Single membership within the UK £48
UK Joint Membership Add a second member for just £2 £50
Europe Membership For those living within the EU £62
Rest of the World Membership Elsewhere in the world £72


If you have any questions, please contact our Membership Secretary, Caroline Curran, on