Welcome to the 100-6 Register

My name is Mell Ward and I am the Register Secretary for the 100/6 Register. I have been an Austin Healey Club member since 1979 when my husband Mike bought our 100/6 which we still own. Since then we have both been very active in the club taking on various positions throughout the years.

The 100/6 Register was started in the 1970’s by Hugh Ferris, followed by John Masefield, Gordon Pierce and then myself in the early 2000’s.

The aim of this Register is to record and maintain details of all the 100/6 cars still in existence, not just in the UK but Worldwide. With the development of the new Austin Healey Club data base with online facilities, we hope this will encourage owners, whether they’re club members or not, to let us have details of their Healey 100/6’s.

We were fortunate to meet the first owner of our Healey in the 1980’s. When he purchased our car from The Donald Healey Motor Company in Warwick it had been primrose and black but records show it left Abingdon in primrose only.

This Register covers all 100 /6 variants, from the 100/6 2 port built at Longbridge, then the BN4 6 port and finally the BN6 6 port. We record both left and right hand drive versions and the register actively communicates with fellow Austin Healey Clubs throughout the World.

Mell Ward

At times, past owners, or relatives of past owners, may seek to find information on their old Healey. If such a request is received for your car, no information is ever shared without your express permission.